Week Of August 11

Dan: What are you in the mood for this week?
Kyla: Steak.
Dan: Can’t argue with that.

Typically our Sundays start with us discussing what foods we are in the mood for or what foods we have been craving (Italian, Mexican, etc.). Then we brainstorm two lunch ideas and one dinner idea for the week. This week, along with every other week, Salmon is on our menu. For the other dinner idea, we cook in excess so that we can have leftovers to eat for two of our dinners. Both of us work four 10 – hour days, and so for the two lunch meals we make a lot of it so that each of us can eat both meals twice. For dinner we try and do the same thing so we have food ready for us; giving us more time to relax and be together in the minimal time we have once we get home from the gym in the evenings.

When looking at the meal plan, you may be wondering; why are there only plans for four days of lunch, and three to four days of dinner when there are seven days in a week?! We are both dedicated to eating healthy, but understand that sometimes life gets in the way and we allow for nights out with friends, without worrying about food spoiling or contributing to the massive amount of waste America already has. We have found, through trial and error, that if we get food from the grocery store on Sundays to cook for our Thursday’s dinner, majority of the time it goes bad. So instead, on Thursdays if we are in the mood for something one of us will pick up the ingredients on the way home from work and make it at night. Typically being a quick and easy dinner. We hope these meal plans help you get started with your week and gives you the strength to make healthy decisions throughout and on your own. There is satisfaction in knowing that you ate healthy and were active throughout the week, so when you indulge in something ‘bad’ on the weekends you won’t feel as guilty.

With this being our first post let me explain how this is going to run. The meals I am about to post are from our LAST week’s meal plan. We wouldn’t want to post a recipe if it was bad, or we didn’t enjoy it. Next weekend we will post our meals from the week prior for you to prepare for your upcoming week. For the meals we prepare, there will be a link for you to click on that will open a new window with that post. We hope you enjoy our first set of recipes and continue to come back for more! Enjoy, or in German: Guten Appetit!


· Kyla: Hard Boiled Eggs, 2 every morning

· Dan: Egg Sandwich & Whey Protein Shake with almond milk


· Fage Greek Yogurt

· Apple & Almond Butter

· Grapes

· Plums


· Steak Fajitas

· Chicken & Sausage Stew with Greens & Beans


· Pot Roast

· Salmon Our Way

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This blog is brought to you by Dan & Kyla. Both of us are dedicated to eating as healthy as possible, working out, being active, and challenging ourselves to experience everything life has to offer. Our Sunday 'prep day' has helped us grow closer as a couple and has allowed us to enjoy our seldom 'cheat days' to the fullest. Friends and family have always had questions about our weekly rituals and recipes so we thought we would share how we go week to week, finding recipes, cooking our meals, and managing our busy lifestyle with a health conscience view. This is the first blog we have created together and will hopefully get progressively better with our posts and feedback. Please feel free to post any comments or questions about a recipe, or ideas on how to make the recipe or website better. Most of all we hope you enjoy what we have to share. Guten Appetit!

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